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Blog, what blog?

  • It's really not as easy as you think having mental health issues and starting a blog. So I've avoided starting a blog for ages.

  • I was scared that someone already had a blog like mine surprise surprise I was right. If you have mental health issues and also are worried to start a blog don't let that put you off I found that even just writing things down is an achievement when your a fellow sufferer.

  • Secondly I was so not worried noone would read it, more so that i wouldnt be able to manage it. Id get over excited and forget to sleep, take my tablets, as i find day to day tasks hard as it is.

  • I thought id die and noone would read my story, silly i know but anxiety makes me quite morbid.

  • Thirdly, i'm not good with computers and dont have much money. So starting an online blog seemed impossible. Luckily my lovely fiancé bought me my blog for my birthday and showed me how to do it.

  • Lastly i have so many idea's my mind races. My medication slows my mind down so i can manage my thoughts. So surprisingly writting my blog was on my list of a million things to do, along with make several films, sort out my town issues, fight against fgm and various other important causes.

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