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Habits associated with poor mental health (warning: may be a trigger)

Updated: May 11, 2021


About associated conditions:

Many people are becoming aware that dermintalamaina, alcohol addiction, gambling, binge eating, eating disorders are not nessarly the problem. They are the result of a much bigger issue. From a young age i was aware that my autistic father had some of these bad habits, I couldn't understand why he would 'zone out' getting through to him would seem an almost impossible task.

However now knowing a lot more about psychology and the human mind. I understand that these habits are shunned from society, some are becoming seen as more of an acceptable, or should I say more treatable symptoms of the bigger issue.

Throughout our lives with may have come across, things such as the media and society portraying alcholists and drug addicts as a lower class issue. When actually it does not discriminate, celebrity, poor, rich, and even 'normal' average joe can suddenly or manifest a bad habit ( that becomes more than just a habit) indeed go downing down a path of any excessive behaviour is never a positive thing. You may notice people in society picking up a cigerette when there stressed, or trying to 'quit', indeed this may be your habit. However society can have a huge impact on how you and people around you view a habit. just to stipulate again, habits are habits and all are equally as dangerous and desructive. Take smokers infect, they think they are only ruining their own lungs, or indeed its just their habit. If you look at the wider issues around this popular habit, you will see things such as chemicals, the environment, the wealthy getting rich on peoples bad habits, and all in all, the environmental issues such as the effect on air pollution second and third hand smoking, deforestation not to mention making the people sick in the factory that handle th chemicals, then you can see that those farmers children getting lung diesel from collecting the tobacco leave is no coincidence. Potentially its the responsibility and the fear of failure of beating a habit that drives the habit to continue. If only they could meet the people affected by their habit. They say the same about alcohol , the people around the character of an alcoholic are greatly affected families can be destroyed, costs for health care treatment and indeed the question remains, we are only human we are allowed to make mistakes, so my question to you is what are you going to do about it.

No body is free from judgment and no one is innocent, I once thought I was free from being responsible from anyones pain, as i looked at where my capital was be directed I was supporting the meat industry, and definitely not potentially causing great pain in factory farms which are extremely common as well as red tractor, I was repsonbile for death on a level that i can only just comprehend. From the cheap clothes i bought from primary and even marks & spencer the mainstream was indeed that, a faceless souls cooperation encouraging bad habits such as materialism, capitalism and definitely not in support off fair-trade or a slower way of consuming, they want us to increase our spending and the cotton and synthetics industries always suffer, the oil and chemicals that are going into our clothes once brought into existence are forever damaging not just to our own health but to the health of the planet and now as we are seeing the irreparable damage that has come to light.

The video I have put up truly encompasses the damage we do to our selfs the planet and others from destructive behaviours. A habit may seem just that but look deeper, the psychology behind it often starts with the pressure of society, our parents, or the cycle we are in from some hate that has been transferred onto us through a critical and fast pace existence. I don't blame the individual but the system and indeed many of us are now healing, looking at all our habits and facing them. From eating meat, to smoking, we are not just individuals we are a collective and we all impact so much more than we realise.

I've been in many many bad situations, I have had many bad habits and this certainly looks a lot like my past situation. The biggest thing I did was the process below, which not even my psychologists, my psychiatrists could break down into these valid points.

1 Expose your habit

2 wake up to the habit

3 look where the habit came from

4 research the habit

5 except the habit is part of you and don't let fighting it consume you.

6 get rid of the things that allow your habit to continue

7 seek therapy specifically for the habit

8 make people around you clearly aware of this past or present habit

9 kick the habits butt

10 have blips, but accept that this is all it is its a blip and to fight it can give it more attention and then the habit can easily grow back into full swing

11 kick its butt again

12 blip but look what caused the blip

13 tell everyone about the blip

14 (medication) initially my habit was so all consuming I had to medicate to reduce the anxiety and this gave me the chance to stop ( this is personal and not something I recommend without a specialist doctor.

'Yesterday I picked and I started 14 years ago. Have I made any progress? Well yes I understand so much about my condition and I literally have reduced my picking by about 80 %. Its a big ask to stop completely. Yesterday my daughter fell asleep after her walk, so I had some spare time, so what did I do pick! I'm was so mad at myself and continue to wear the mess i made on my face. When my other half came home I told him I picked for 2 hours, I was scared to show him my skin. I asked him if I could have some time to myself this weekend. He is very very supportive of my condition. He showed me how to start my blog last night. To share my story and not feel as alone in my situation'. (2017 , the anxious blogger)

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