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The Anxious blogger

I've been on the computer since 1'o clock not drank, not been to the toliet. Its now 5'oclock! typical anxiety makes you forget yourself and makes you uber focused and get lost in your thoughts, the internet is deadly for it! I need to stop what I'm doing and make myself a drink and watch some television. My neck is stick, my fingers are numb, I'm actually really cold but my anxiety is so increased I've forgotten myself. The internet is very addictive hense why i've avoided it for all these years. I spent today getting in touch with other bloggers and vloggers (whatever that means) to give me some advice on starting an anxiety blog! fingers crossed after 4/5 hours without a break someone will be in touch! So far my blog has had 3 visitors my 2 best friends and my other half! Well its a start!

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