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Stopping dermatillomania

There are lots of ways to reduce your skin picking......

1. Mirrors. (

Lots of people say they can't live without mirrors. I've lived without mirrors for 4 years. I manage to find ways of putting makeup on and getting ready without mirrors and lets face it if you have anxiety or dermatillomania you know what you look like, like the back of your hand. Also say you have guests, if they are really your friends and family they will understand why you don't have mirrors. Even day if you got rid of them for a week or a couple of months or say 4 years. It give your face a break from picking it. If you really want to stop you will find away to get rid of mirrors.

2. Improve your general Mental Health.

Theres lots of ways to do this. I will blog on this as well as there is so much to cover. Essentially, If you think you have dermatillomania there may be other mental health issues along side this. OCD and anxiety are very closely linked to dermatillomania, or in my case my anxiety and depression has caused my dermatillomania.


Everyones skin picking is different. However are 14 years of picking I don't believe there is an instant fix or just one way of stopping. If there was people wouldn't try and make money out of cures. I have stopped but i try not assume that I have stopped forever. Its alot of pressure to put on yourself to stop in one go, im not suggesting its impossible and good on you if you do. The first step, i believe is to reduce your skin picking.

Tbc soon!

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