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10 things you should know about someone with mental illness.

10 things you should know about someone with mental illness. (long term mental illness and severe illness)

1. We may look fine, act fine, look better than fine look great.... but we are not.

2. We may miss appointments, cancel last minute, not contact you for ages. genuinely we still like you but we are struggling so much often to eat and sleep we can barely function let alone run a social life.

3. We can be/ seem selfish, (no offense to anyone) mental illness is an all consuming illness. The more wrapped up in ourselves we are the more ill we usually are.

4. We struggle with friendships, relationships, jobs, routine, general normality.

5. We put a great deal of pressure on ourselves, for anything. big social events i.e weddings can be a nightmare, just attending them as a guest.

6. Not all of us are something to be feared. I must admit I have been worried about other peoples illnesses (for example on the psychiatric ward I was worried someone might hurt me) yes there are people with mental illnesses that are dangerous but so can anyone without mental illnesses. Stereotypes are dangerous.

7. We are not all the same, you might have depression I might have depression but we might experience something that is completely different. There is so many different affects of mental illness. For one it might mean taking there life, for another it might be having a really bad patch for a couple of years. But we can't compare or judge or be competitive.

8. We are not exaggerating or being a drama queen. If we are brave enough for telling you don't assume it was easy to tell you or that because we have a mental illness we are not telling the truth.

9. We are often dysfunctional/ live in mess I try and explain that it is easy to get in a mess within the home. If your not looking after your self tell me how am I suppose to look after my home.

10. Its a myth Its not all in our heads, science and medication has proved that certain mental illnesses needs medication like any other illness. I am a totally different person without medication. I constantly talk, forget things, pick more, think/ actually believe something bad will happpen (all the time). Feel extremely low. struggle to get on public transport and go to social events.

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