• gca037

22th june 2017

I took the morning after pill this morning and its really made me think i dont want to get pregnant again until im completely ready. When i was pregnant with my daughter i had to come of all my Anxiety medication as if being pregnant doesn't make you scatty enough been pregnant and then soon after giving birth i could feel how out of control i was. Especially after giving birth i was all over the place id over talk over think over multi-task. Homones and mental illness do not work all that well together in some cases, unfortunately mine. 

I really worried about getting pregnant again i was so ill with morning sickness I didn't feel pregnant or like a baby could survive in my sick body.

I felt so ill, i just cried so much. I just wanted the pains, aches, sickness to go! Im not planning on getting pregnant again anytime soon. But my life would be a lot easier if there was a male contraceptive pill. 

Its so easier for men to say your moaning lots or your annoying them but theres nothing worse then feeling pregnancy sick and loosing your mind at the same time. 

I got pregnant first time round taking the morning after pill. I realise this time round that unless you've been pregnant before you really dont no what you are risking. My daughter is literally the best best thing and most beautiful thing to happen in my life . Shes perfect. But considering what you go through you have no idea how lovely the result will be. I remember how sick i was and people would patronisingly say itll be worth it in the end. I didnt even want to be pregnant so i didnt understand how amazing it all is 

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