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Anyone in my shoes would be happy. I wish i was. I wish i felt differently. My stomach feels constantly nauseous.  I feel strangely low and unexcited by anything. I feel like the only time im not in pain is when im asleep. I miss my medication how i felt calm and happy. Very positive and excited about life. Now i hardly feel anything but disgust, sick, low mood. I havent moved all day. Im dreading tomorrow getting back to my routine. My usual routine i feel tired from the medication but i dont feel sick and i certainly get excited by seeing people and doing things. Every smell annoys me. I see happy pregnant people on instagram and i dont get it. I want to be left alone. I have no appetite the thought of certain foods makes me feel sick. Inside im terrified its going to be like before it was awful. I really didnt want to be here. I was over anxious about everything i couldnt eat as i couldnt put elizabeth down for a second. I have my blog this time. I hope it helps. The worst response was off my aunty... saying that it will be a financial nightmare as well as a nightmare for my health. Obviously i know the second is true and yes we are only on one income but people with 2 kids have survived on less. I think i was looking for a thats great news ill be here for you no matter what you decide to do! But as the only member of my family ive told i did not get that. The first time round i didnt exactly get any positive feedback, it was your not married... are you sure its a good idea.... i womt judge you if you get an abortion. Im glad i didnt listen and only listened to tom he always always wanted elizabeth and shes the best thing to happen to us i hope this will be the same.. ive just got to get through the 9 months of my hormones playing hell. Prenatal depression and constant sickness

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