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Reason's you must get help

I was 14 when I started damaging my skin. I still have the scars. I didnt get past 'primary care' till i was 21. The gp took 7 years or more to get me my first psychologist and psychiatrist. By then id done alot of damage to my health, my sanity, my skin i'm sure if id of got help earlier on maybe. 

The problem is i wanted help... and if you want help in the uk your likely to be deemed well enough to not need help. On the other hand there's people that really need the help but don't want help so they don't go to the doctor and say hey i hurt myself and other people. Or i can't manage a full conversation with another person as i zone out or not able to follow what people are saying.

So many people self diagnose, over/under diagnose, wrongly diagnose there mental health. With the Internet, books, blogs, celebrities on mental health everyone is there own expert on healing. Its really hard to get your opinion out there. I wrote this with 2 people in mind obviously they can't be named. 

I'd describe them as never properly getting help. They reject any suggestion of them needing help. They'd rather carry on the way they are pretending theres nothing wrong. Making the people in there lifes miserable. 

Because this is the real painful thing. When you're mental health hurts other people and no matter how much you say.. i didnt psychically hurt anyone. Your actions, your words, your behaviour can literally destroy a person. You can't reason, you can't ration, except you think you are being both. 

You need to decide do you want to do. Carry on or change your life for the better. It might seem easier just ignore your issues. But if you dont get real help and probably some medication then your going to carry on hurting people. 

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