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Snow, christmas and anxiety

Its suppose to be really happy time of year. Im more anxious then ive been in a long time. I realise this now as i had my first panic attack in a long time last night. We were in the car driving back from my other halfs family Christmas do it was night and the roads had some snow on. I literally felt like i cant breath, can't can't cope i was desperate to get out of the car. I felt so so unsafe. Not just about driving but about life in general, i feel like its just a matter of time before something bad happens. I dont no if its worse because im pregnant. I literally just burst into tears and felt like i couldn't breath. I feel like live in fear of my life i feel like i feel like my new baby wont be safe and my daughter isnt safe now. Everytime im with people. Every time i wake up. Everytime i eat. I feel dread. Like bad things will happen and i can't stop them and noone cares. 

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