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Another pyshiatric ward

Hi diary /blog etc.

Im a strong believer now in everything happens for a reason.  This is my third time on a inpatient ward. And im hoping that it is my last. The ward is lovely one of the nicest ive been too. Im struggling to trust people at the moment and ive met some amazing people. You wouldn't believe me if i told you but today my friend whos and alternative therapist massaged my feet. A patients mother in law who i met today plated my hair. My friends daughter wanted to hug me goodbye. I made a bet with a staff member and i lost resulting in me making him some coffee. I sang with another patient. Some beautiful songs. I sang infront of some staff and patients. I spoke to a psychologist who i showed my wedding photos.  I got a gift of a friend a zen colouring in book and some pens. I got another gift off a friend shed lent me her baby carrier. This is just the start of what i would call my beautiful life. 

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