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The Happy Vegan.

Still in mental health unit, for various reasons. (Which i wont discuss) Dont want to take medication. The doctors want me to. Im sure at some point my medication has been tested on animals although, I cannot 

be sure as ive not researched it. But i pressume most things have. 

I dont want medicated breast milk.

 From a young age, teenager i was told I was mentally ill for being different and emotional. 

 I'm a seemingly normal individual if you were to see me and see a photo.  People respond well to images. Normality. Socially acceptable. actually im a fighter. 

I'm a vegan. 

i've taken tablets since i was 18 for mental illness. im thirty next year. 

 I feel like all this time ive just been figuring out who i am. From 18 i was accidentally given a now illegal does of medication as it can affect your heart. Guess what. My anxiety and up and downs. Took me to new levels of depression. I was given a tablet that has been proven and openly states one of the side affects is depression and suicidal thoughts. (See why i distrust medication)

 Being a vegan has helped my mental health indefinitely. I love life all life. And now ive lost a shed load of guilt. Ive got a purpose and a passion. talk about the links between me breast feeding for nearly three years and being a vegan and i WILL never stop talking.

 To the point. Being a vegan has improved my out look and helped my anxieties. Not to mentiom my stomach is alot happier. Once a cows milk addict. A bacon addict. Tempted by a steak. 

 Now ive find that noone should take another animals baby or milk let alone kill an animal for .... 

Strong belief yes. Unsual to the majority yes. 

But i dont care anymore. Im not preaching to you. Your reading my views. Decided what you will. Just know. Being different can be a great great extrodinary gift. Its just a shame we cant share it with everyone. I love being vegan. Be a vegan, dont. Feel free to believe what you will but at least know breastfeeding my kids was tough but great. Now having your head in a gate whilst a attached to a machine being engorged is not pleasant. Do you believe animals feel pain. The ultimate question for you. I know they do ive seen them fear things. I seen them cry out. Anyway rant over. 

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