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Spoked at night

So im still struggling to sleep at night. I have dream catches every where like some .... anyway i probably shouldn't use words like that. 

Its just that since it happened on the 5th of july. Im scared its goin to happen again. Not the initial 'experience ' but feeling like everything is so out of my control and no matter how hard i fight someone else has the power. 

Its just that of all my years which is only 29. Ive never felt so electrified. Terrified. Extreme. Protective.

To get to the point i can sleep now. Its just that getting to sleep when i feel spooked. My daughter keeps having creepy nightmares. And her movements in the night freak me out. Similar to her fit. Very jerky.. 

Also if it makes it feel worse i feel like the universe is trying to tel me something and ive just ignored it or im not doing enough. Which leaves me very unsettled. 

When i was a kid i would have the worst nightmares ive always had vivid dreams i remember some of my worst. So currently as the wimpy adult i am i have my makeup bag behind the door as if my makeup would protect me .

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