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Maybe noone likes vegans as they .... too much' - my husbands final quote before bed

There is alot of hate for vegans its easy to find. Infact it may even put you off being vegan. Type in YouTube. .. vegan. There are

People saying they wish all vegans would die. And they shouldnt be allowed to procreate. So ive been a vegan all of two months. Its not a long time. But im so dedicated. I literally am desperate to fight for what i believe. Every time i meet anyone i want to slip in something about or around the way we are. Everyone around me is eating meat. When i take my child to school shes the only one who puts her name round her soy or oat milk and all the rest of the kids get a little milk with a happy cows face on. Propaganda in its finest. Right from word go kids are having milk made and not designed for us its really not that natural to drink milk designed for a baby cow. Its like old men having milk... designed for a baby cow.. its prett unnatural having an animal mothers milk another mothers milk designed for a baby. Just so your tea and you toast tastes good with that dairy. Its like essential your dads drinking breast milk.. and its okay because its not human.. but guess what it comes from the tit of a cow. Yes to me you might as well suck on a cows tit as thats what i see. I see it for what it is. 

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