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Starting to feel less of an angry vegan more of a hopeful one

Today i watched the vegan 2017 on you tube. I found all the great.. infact the greatest doctors who have ever lived were in my favour. All my life ive had to bow down to people. Go along with what they think and believe. And now ive found who i am. It started with health visitors being concerned i was raisin my young children as vegan. They made me feel ashamed of being vegan. Saying she was a vegetarian from a young age and has had many deficiencies. Difference. Infact many vegans are healthier than vegetarians. Ive been doing my research and not the research studies that are done by doctors or government paid or sponsored by the billion pound/dollar dairy meat industry but actually non biased studies. Ive found out one of the worlds strongest men is vegan. Ive found top athletes to be vegan. Doctors. ... i know why many people doubt vegans and raise there eyebrow at me.

 ..there is so much propaganda. So much of a  half hearted approach . So much lack of passion. Lack of care. So many incorrect facts about dairy. Dairy and children is a really big topic that needs to be fought. Breastfeeding or not. Is the choice between letting a cow feed your baby or you doing it. It might not be the main ingredient but cows milk is in formula milk. Whats worse is when we breast feed we are encouraged to drink lots of milk... strange i know. I drank lots of milk because i was told it would help my breast milk now im vegan and there has been no difference infact my son whos six months is firmly on the 75 per centile.  

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