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Vegan & mental health

I genuinely believe that being vegan has helped my mental health so much so i feel like changing the name of my blog. Yes it tough because the people around you who you love and care about and you are telling wow this is what ive found and now im vegan. Dont care enough to stop eating meat and dairy and killing the planet. Infact now they treat you differently and its heart breaking. All of a sudden its an effort to be around you. Whats worse is your not one of these trendy vegans infact far from it. You got arrested for your mental health and it made you vegan. Not really very cool. 

I feel like i only want to be around vegans. My hearts in it fully. Someone who never cared.. its clicked and now im desperate to be around people like me. Not live a quiet life one were i blend in. I want to be like those people who are making a difference not just to animals, to all groups of the down trodden. As ive said earlier in my blogs. I used to get bullied hit called names constantly tormented because me the skinny pale kid with the big nose didnt like go see the fat kid bullied.. or the kid who had special needs. So i stuck my nose in .. but i was never taught how to fight with words or fists. I was scared at home scared at school and one day i just gave up. I didnt have the tools i needed to be strong. So when i tell my mother in law about the reason i gave up dairy and the cow babies and she looks angrily at me and says she doesnt want to get into it but refuses to believe there all treated badly. (Why would i randomly become vegan does actually noone want to here why ive gone vegan without getting defensive)  And my god an i sick of people three women have told me about the cows and these dame machines that let them chose to be milked. Please tell me when they are artificially inseminated or raped..do they choose that? so they can be pregnant so frequently to keep up with the demands of our milk butter chocolate crumpets cakes you name it apparetly we cant live without them being pregnant. So they produce milk for there young? Hang on a sec there young are usually taken from them a day old. Male or female. We need there milk so there babies cant have it. Oh and the high end dairies the ones your too cheap to buy from let them stay with there mums for twelve weeks. (Appently this is good) But i guess were just so used to taking babies off animals pets. Cows. Pigs. Sheep you name it we take it. That twelve weeks must seem like a life time. I guess we believe that like my vegatarian friend says. They wont have chance to bond so its okay. Its okay to go through carrying a baby and then birth it then.. wait its never okay to take a baby. 

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