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Is veganism another sign that im not well?

Its 00.36 in the morning. I cant sleep because im not really trying. I never get time in the day to blog. Is it crazy to be obsessed with veganism? Or is it just something huge has changed me. My whole life has changed. Of course you think oh just become a vegan but actually. Eating effects your whole life. What you believe effects your whole life. So it is big becoming vegan. Its not just food its literally everything see below.


Is it crazy that i want to go back to all those people who when i set out being vegan and wasnt informed. Say actually you daft sod me breastfeeding my own son is vegan. .. or ita dangerous to live without dairy? No its bloody not how many athletes .. one of the worlds strongest men.. doctors are vegan. Quite a few actually. They dont die off without cows milk in everything. 

Is it crazy that ive given alot of our tolietrys that test on animals to charity. When testing tolietrys on animals is just not necessary. .. vegan brands and ranges have proved it. Hell all of superdrug home brand products dont test on animals. Herbal essences have a new vegan range. Body shop a whole shop of products dont test on animals. Yet people cant be bothered to shop ethically. They blame money... for causing animals to be sat in labs all day. . Or they blame time. Or convience... well maybe you should just buy things with that little sign or words on saying not tested on animals its really not hard.. not inconvenient. .. not expensive.. there is no excuse.. i used to do it.. and its pure laziness. . Blindness to the sufferin. If animals can see,  hear, eat and move and have been proven to feel pain... why keep letting them get products put in there eyes so you can have shower with over perfumed, unnatural shower gel for example. Theres soo much choice now so many brands dont test on animals. My super drug shaving gel says on the back not tested on animals. My hand soap tesco says not tested on animals. My one stop washin up liquid says not tested on animals. . It was alot cheaper than fairy liquid who are owned by proctor and gamber who ive read do test there washing up liquid on animals. Im happily going to take it to the next level. For example body shop are owned by lorel who do test there other products on animals. 

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