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So i'm going to start a vegan blog.

Me and my husband are going to start a vegan blog. Not just my perspective of my new found veganism. But his too. Because we are both on a journey. 

 Not like this is the end to 14 anxious years. But mental health is not something i am struggling with anymore. The worst ive felt was when i ate meat and dairy and took medication but also my last episode almost helped heal me. I took medication for 11 years. Yes i feel down now and again but its not depression and i really do know the difference. Instead of feeling like i cant breathe like i dont belong on the planet. Desperate not to be here. Or empty. Scared of getting in the car or going anywhere. I dont. Yes its only been two months. But i feel different then i have my whole life. I feel like i have a purpose. 

 When i feel down its more of a... theres so much to do and so much to fight against. .. i feel like giving up on other people.

I feel like being a vegan has saved me. Made me feel clean. And more positive. But it also comes with a very sad side. The fact that no matter how passionate you are and all of a sudden are awakened. Thoose who say they love you. Wont even research it. Your one most positive thing youve done so far is that within a month of being vegan you convinced your husband to be one. Now your three year old is one. 

Maybe it was the last steak bake he ate that made him ill.. i joke. But now you know that this is love sharing such a huge part of your life your passion with someone. He also goes through the cubboards, is interested in new vegan reciepes. Has learnt all his facts of veganism. Is also very annoyed when people say you cant live without some animals products. He got rid of all our bone china today and not because i wanted to as i loved my china. Its because he too doesnt want to be surrounded my dead animals. 

 Apart from him i cant get one person who isnt already vegan and they say they 'love' animals to watch my vegan 2017 youtube video i found which is both about the health and the ethical side without the gore and shocking. Then how can i make change? Nobody .. has the time to watch a short youtube video. Nobody cares why your vegan. That you want to share it. 

I went from drinking a 2/3 pints or more a day of milk to refusing any milk products and its not because im strange..(which i can be)...  really its because of what ive researched, read and i care and gosh i feel so much better my belly doesnt feel over full or yucky... very technical. Lol.

Another thing that gets me down. Now im aware of the pain and suffering of animals. Like pigs have the same emotions and intelligence as a three year old, i find out that my contact lenses by vision express they test all there lenses and god knows what else on animals. The staff from vision express said its only pigs. But its pigs just because they look and act differently if they feel what my three year old feels and knows then there is know way i am contributing to there suffering.

 But when you tell your family your vegan then continue to argue and say well if your buying organic veg from a farm that is a high end dairy maybe you shouldnt buy from there its hypocritical. (This is there kindest approach to you being vegan) to argue without even listening or wanting to know. So now i cant even shop from where they sell milk...? If there point is true. Thats there best advice now im vegan and they have to have meat and dairy every time they open there mouths. i believe or i conclude that buying from a farm that mainly supplys vegs boxes but also has a small highend dairy is definitely better than buying veg from tesco who produce mass amounts of cheap tesco milk. All you have to do is stand in tesco and stare at the mass amount of milk aisles al produced in Britian. We live (as in me and my husband) in the countryside but never really see all these cows? Weve driven all over Britain. But not seen animals suffer which is why its worse its all hidden. But it doesnt end there, leather shoes, clothea cereal, supplements, medication, medical research, hair dye,  nearly every shampoo, makeup, eye care, 'bone china', cleaning products, nearly everything involves using or abusing animals. chocolate, mass amounts of cheese and Butter, yogurt, you see dairy everywhere, animal testing everywhere. its in soup its in cakes... yet its everywhere every restaurant every house everyover populated area of britian every supermarket or convience store.. and yet you think no suffering took place... at lease think that its not that fun being milked all day when your producing milk for your babies who keep getting taken away from you. 

Why when i found out our veg boxes also had a high end dairy. I feel a bit more comfort knowing that i dont get much veg from tesco but tesco certainly haven't talked me through how they kill there animals and milk them like riverfood organic farm did. And i did say i wish they were a vegan veg box company to the local reps but im new to being vegan and when i find a veg box provider who is vegan i can tell you i will only use them. 

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