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So it doesn't matter what you eat?

Another argument recently heard against veganism. . As long as you get the right vitamins and minerals. What about the pain it causes? What about the damage to the earth. What about your grandchildren? future generations? Nasa did a survey that showed emissions from livestock for green house gases is worse than that of planes and cars all together? Is that not enough. Most deforestation happens through growing food to feed livestock fatten them up so we can eat them. Literally i wish people would educate themselves before they argue against veganism. Eat meat and dairy thats great for you and i wont try and change your view but please dont come out with things like your going to get bone deficiencies or lack of protein when you dont no what vegan food i eat and you dont care to know. What do you think our food eats? They eat protien etc so we are just filtering our protien through livestock.

I said to my mother in law who has sainsburys milk. Oh i dont drink milk because of the baby cows. Straight away she says i refuse to believe there all treated like that. Literally 9,000 male baby cows die a year... not for veal or meat or anything just because there surpluse. After impregnating the female cow and taking there baby away from a day old (usually) they kill the male (usually) usually raise them for meat rarely to be the bull. But its just awful. Especially when they dont even need to die for meat there just waste. I mean it makes sense milk is everywhere ... so hows the baby goin to get it.. if its in our icecream, soup, millions of milk cartons, yogurts, cream... highly likely that mum and baby are seperated .. yes? 

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