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Control, speaking up, and justifying what you believe

Theres a fine line between all these. When is the right time to speak up. Speak up for what i want to do or what i believe. Why arnt i true to myself. Why is it all or nothing with me. If someone does something or says something i let it be and i let it build up. Then eventually i push people away because i cant find my ying in there yang. Theres no balance. I open myself up to things by telling everyone everything i should learn and stop just letting everyone or anyone in. 

I believe in co sleeping that is one of my strong beliefs. You wouldn't think it though. I believe if your children are close by they will be stronger adults and more secure. Insecurity cripples society. Lots of people are insecure thats why people make eag other feel crap because they feel crap. Maybe there still wondering why there mums and dads let them cry for hours and never came. There insecure. But they hide it through a false confidence. They secretly enjoy there bad habbits and they care so much what people think that it seems like they dont. When really we should be raising children to think emotions are okay and its okay to be sensitive its okay to cry and by the way ill be there for you and ill just listen. Back to co sleeping its been proven that being together can prevent cot death as they hear your heart beat and that can regulate there breathing. Or something like that the world health organisation reccomends co sleeping for a year whilst the nhs says a minimum of six months. But how do you get people to stop voicing there strong incorrect views on you.... like they should be in there own room from a day old. What? Its that victorian backward way of doin things. Its maybe okay to give advice and pass on knowledge from generations of women but actually you should just take the bits you want from the advice you feel is right for you. But then today i got so annoyed i thought actually maybe i shouldnt co sleep i need my own space... so confusing or what

I breastfed night and day day and night. The science was on my side. My children always were on the 50 per centile or abover. Now it doesnt matter what people tell you. You have to believe or chose the right thing to do and follow. I fed on demand. Google on demand breastfeeding? Nope google is full of rubbish so maybe use the world health organisation website or the nhs. But fed on demand is what it says on the tin. You feed everytime you think there hungry. Literally from ten minutes to half an hour. Im not going to lie. If your lookin for what will get you the most sleep or what is the easiest option this is not it. But if you want a strong bond strong immune system secure baby then ... 

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