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Today i cried and cried

I dont no if its like simon amstels film carnage. Why i cried so much. Me and my daughter watched the hound and the fox. A fox mum was running away from a hunter and hid her baby. A lovely old lady brought him up todd. And todd made friend with the hound. Even though the hound was friends with a fox it didnt stop him going on a mass hunting trip and killing other foxes. Whats worse is when he gets back from his trip todd says i wanted to see you were still friends arnt we. The hound says i dont think you should come around here anymore. 

There are so many metaphors you could pick out or just relate to not eating meat etc. Its like gary yourofsky says about specisism. We pick and choose the specises we wont eat ... wont hurt wont test our products on.. wont wear on bodys. Its okay to eat pigs the third or fourth can never remember intelligent animal in the planet thar has the intelligents of a human three year old.. but yet dogs stay off the plate even though they are also animals. So i guess its a ethical descision we make between dogs and pigs. Why we call cows pigs and chicken livestock? 

Back to the crying. Is it one of the natural stages of veganism. To feel heartbroken that weve hurt so so many animals in our previous time on the earth. That one of the 9,000 calfs that died as a waste product of milk... that didnt go to veal or meat.. as they are a waste to farmers. They just got killed. Because. Could of been attributed to me and my unhealthy milk addiction? 

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