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When are we. Truely free

Had possibly the worst week ever. However i have found out this week in terms of being vegan we have as much legal rights as a religious person. Im starting to understand it all now. Just because its not religious belief doesnt mean is not as important. Its called an ethical conviction. And its protected under the equal rights act 2010. There are so maybe facts in terms of the cruelty that happens in animal products. No matter what you tell people they dont care as they wont take the time to actually research them they just guess or make up facts. They wont watch land of hope and glory 2017 where they go under cover in over a hundred britsh farms and expose the industry, it doesnt matter any more because people should respect your way of life. If you dont want to be apart of the cruel dairy industry, meat industry, egg industry. It is not whether you think it is or believe it is. There are facts there to prove it is. Even the advertising standards agency rules it as inhumane. Who has the right to take a baby away from its mum. After forcing it to be pregnant to get its milk. Your using an animal for its breasts. Pumping it on a mass scale breeding it to carry as much milk as possible. Discuss whatever. But actually if its a strong belief and you and your family unit dont want to consume anything from an animal its your right, legally and ethically. I mean whats more extreme not eating animals. Or paying someone else to slaughter them... never seeing the slaughter just believing the had a great death and waiting for a creature that one was born had life breathed had a brain a heart blood flowing. To then stop all that. Because you think industry is more important even though it could improve world hungry if we all went veggie or help the environment or save lifes. Or help lower your risks of cancer. The list goes on. No matter how you justify it people are born brought up live vegan .  They spend there whole life not eating meating and there fine.. just you need to stick an dead animal on your plate it doesnt even look like a dead animal anymore. Who actually knows when it died how long its been dead. In western countries where we slaughter billions of animals a year. Its is always justified but if you can be healthy without it. And its actually been proven to be better for the enviroment. Your a fool if you cant see the environmental reasons. Then it boils down to garys four reasons. Taste. Habit convenience and tradition. I scrap that. Intelligence. Ignorance. Lazyness. Propaganda. Is it the chicken that lays the egg for you or is it a wild chicken who doesnt lay half as many eggs as that naturally. There bred to lay eggs. So is it us eating an unfetilisied egg natural. An unfertilised human egg is a period. So is it vegans that are odd for not eating something that comes out of a chickens bum. A chicken period or is it the non vegan. Is it us that doesnt have milk weird  (dairy) or is it society who thinks its natural to attach a cows udder to a machine to pump out milk designed for a baby. We treat animals like machines depsite them breathing. They actually cry when there babies are taken  they have brains lungs every organ we have. But obviously because we are 'superior ' we unnecessarily use them. A superior race wouldnt use ever animal they could for them. Especially when meat causes more deaths than smoking 

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