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Being arrested

6 months ago I was arrested for having pychosis. I pray it never happens again. Of all the experiences ive had ive say despite everything I can be pretty normal. Even when ive had anxiety depression. ... ive still hidden it... well I think i did. 

To the point. Literally ive never felt like this before. Like i was on acid. I knew it wasnt normal so i managed to get back to normal when the police turned up. But despite me asking to sit and talk to someone and saying I'm fine i dont want to hurt myself or anyone else. They shoved me in a van. With great force. Slammed the door repeatedly on my foot. Instead of being scared I was angry. I had left the house in the middle of the night with my husband and im not justifying it. I didnt get very far across the road. I no it wasnt normal i just really wish that the police were better trained to deal with mental health. Instead of taunting and teasing and asking about medication before you even know the persons name. Winding them up. I think the first the the police man said to me was 'you've not been taking your tablets have you'.... i immediately answered stable and calmy i take sertraline for depression and yes I have been taking my tablets. I haven't ever had any pychosis or anything before. But they didn't care as soon as they saw me they were going to put me in a van. 

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