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I've got my careers appointment tomorrow and I'm up googling how to sue the police. So far I've found out that. They arnt suppose to use force when it comes to mental illness unless absolutely necessary. There also suppose to let the subject explain what has happened. I think ive got at chance of proving that i was wrongly treated especially when i was injured and it has had a profound emotional effect on me. I know that if I wasnt stable that the police man wouldn't of sat with me in a and e telling me about his wife who lost there child... his time in the army etc. surely if i was mentally he wouldnt tell me personal information. Anyway.  My heads all over the place. I need some stability. I need to cancel my careers appointment. I need to focus on seeing someone about what's happened to me. I need to talk to someone I can trust. I'm so so nervous about my husband going away five times this year. I dont speak to my mum anymore after what happened with the police. I feel so disconnected. I want to get my head straight. I do want to sue the police. I just dont no if im strong enough 

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