• gca037

A History Of Fear

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Humanity has done some unspeakable things. Many terrible things have happened throughout history, and so many continue to happen. I remember a state of being blissfully ignorant about things, i was alot happier. Ive had alot of internal conflict lately, about how people have said you can only do what you can do or infact you just need to enjoy life. There are moments where i enjoy but i remain sad and that feeling of dread that we are not anywhere close to where we should be. Our governments are apart of these awful sales, its hard really to know what to do. I feel that the more we focus on the materialist and happy life goals the more we forget that no good can come from ignoring other peoples suffering or other beings that feel and think like us. Buy fairtrade. Organic milk does not mean no death or suffering.

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