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A poem about being attacked (please be aware of the triggering nature of this topic and other topics

The night I was attacked. The night my attackers approached me it took a long time for me to twig. The night they attacked me I screamed but my mouth was covered. I fought and I fought and I tried to get out I was determined to fight I was determined to shout. They had power on their side, they knew what they were doing. From the moment they approached me I didn't know what was brewing. Once they got me in the van I scream and I shouted but this further gave them the chance for society to ignore what was happening to me because you see of their uniform its a clever disguise it makes people assume that they can only do write. I'm well educated I knew my rights. I knew I was doing nothing wrong but thar didn't matter the strength of the three people who did this to me. My body in bruises my feet covered in blood. I fought and I fought as hard as I could. I struggle to trust now that I hated so much I lost so much of my self that night with every thrust. They were clever you see they knew what to say to wind me up and have there way. They shoved me in but they didn't expect how hard I would fight and I just couldn't accept. I blocked the door with my feet but that didn't work they slammed and the slammed but I didn't feel the hurt. I screamed my Husbands name but he never came. Will I ever forgive him for not hearing his name. Because of my past even though it was society's fault, they knew I'd be an easy person for them to cover this up. Bruised nd bloody when the ambulance came, they took an instant dislike to me and didn't ask why I had no underwear on and they didn't care why.

You see that night changed me for life for better for worse I can understand what it's like to feel cursed. I felt such pain in a way I'd never known I thought I would die that night but when I survived I knew I wanted to fight for the voiceless with no end in sight. You see being in a cage in the back of a van forced to do things and being chained as much as they can. You see people don't realise they link of the two the animals are raped and breed into existence too. Just so we can eat an excess of what our body doing need. A man made myths about our body's all in the name of greed. The myths saying we need calcium from breast milk was a total lie. It was so the product of the shelf they new it would fly. The biggest lie I learnt that night was nothing to do with me it was the pain and the suffering of the innocent you see. All around us lies lies we do not see, chocolate is a bean and doesn't even need dairy. We believe that there is chocolate and its only meant to have the maternal milk of an animal that their babies will never have. You see that night my own baby suffered when he got back in my care, he was unrecognisable their was no mistake what I felt mother nature had designed us well to be torn apart without each other. They day they deliver they are taken from the mother. We know they feel emotional pain and yet we hide and lie the truth. The only truth is this the mother and baby bond goes beyond humans and animals its all around us we just choose to ignore that we are apart of nature even when we don't think so any more. We think we are invisible so we take and we take. All so we can have an excessive amount of cake. It's ridiculous the pain I have felt, one minute I was walking and then it was no more. Just a typical night just a typical start to the day 3 am was the time I think I can say. I will never forget you and your name and you wife. What you told me forever I will regret that I never made it to be truthful and report you I was too busy trying to prove myself innocent and the only way to do that is to know how to protect yourself in ways I do not know. My lack of confidence started to show, it's the anger you see, it's the feeling of outrage it makes me vulnerable. When they burn of the horns of you ng future mothers, they take care of them self and not of others. They will defend their baby's you see I've seen it in every documentary. The one thing I know more than anything else is how it feels to be a mother human or anything else. I have decided you see that it all happened for a reason the only way to understand the pain of others was to be put in the exact situation caged and hurt. I see them every time fighting with their voice at the end I've seen them drop on their knees they make the farmers drag them to their death you make think there stupid like me but when they got to their death they always go with pride you see. They fight every time, the back away, and then if not hung upset down, or instead shot in the head you see all death is violence whatever he said.

Now when I see the protesters fight for their rights to protest and the police with red on their head I can't help wishing they were dead. I hate the police here I really do. Everything I said everything is true. Or is it because like they said being on sertraline makes you vulnerable to the assumption once they have it in record you instantly do not know that it can be taken o it of proportion and exhausted for all its worth you try to get help and the end you wish you never had. It just makes me really increasingly sad, that a world where a women asks for help she is taken through much more than that by the authorities themself. I hate them I do i really really do. I feel like if I ever saw the man that put me in hand cuffs for no reason I wouldn't no what to do. For society sucks and also racism to but as a women they will never understand that I Dan relate by damn of course I can it wasn't a one of although at the time I didn't think. Its only very recently its started to sink. I'm actually a person that's s experienced alot the abuse id had before showed I've always been damaged and more. Frkm a young age I was faced with violence. Without knowing what was happening from a young age I knew more more than beyond my age. You see the innocent may seem like they don't have a clue what's going on. Like I said with animals just because they don't seem on the same level if we do take advantage we're as bad as the devil.

But again it's subconscious to see its time we face the truth as hard as it will be. It's staring us in the face we just have to try and see. We're apart of something much bigger a more viscous cycle than we know. How their flesh gets on our plate we aren't allowed to know. We know something bad we are apart of but we block it out. For its too painful to shout it out. Everytime we get a hint of what is wrong we can use cognitive dissonance to our advance. Sadly look around from what is normal you see. The excuses all around us we can use the same but it doesn't mean anything you see. You can look at your excuse and truly see it mean nothing to them and nothing to me. For if you don't need old flesh and breast milk to live on you are truly free from one of the biggest lies they will ever tell us. That we can only thrive but secretly they hide the science that is starting to show through the cracks it's always been their their is a reason roman gladiators were vegetarian and indeed I know we can thrive I have more and more confidence inside. Though I'm not a speaker I hate confrontation but I will write and I will write to other can see the truth hiding behind every plastic packet of flesh every bar of chocolate is linked to some insane death their are no nice farms in the end you see tge very few animals in the fields we see is definitely not enough to feed the whole country. Three times a day our diet involves animals you just look and see, it's unnatural because before ai none of this would be possible.

Finally don't take anything I say with a pinch of salt. For ive always been obsessed with the truth but just incase you need proof make the effort for mum's like me, cows and pigs alike see how they only end up like they do because of their female organs are used against them. You see milk is maternal no matter what they say its all just so they can have their way we are all mammels we can all relate to what is a stake 100 thousand tons a month of unsustainable protein sent the uk in the name of only dairy. See the governments figures they don't massage the truth its only society and the media that can bombard us with lies so they continue making money. You knows what's funny there's even lies about honey. Insane you think it would be to impregnate a tiny little bee. But it's not just see now we are enlightened by YouTube about a queen bee. You think you ought to have their runny honey, the are steamed out their hives and what is worse because of the amount of nectrer they need they take it from the other pollinators you see. So every study done on loxal honey shows that these totally unnative species and also not designed for every entire plant and they are responsible for the death of other bees, they also spread disease. So I will not lie to you let my aim be clear. I've found my voice in my moments of fear. I never never knew that anyone would listen or understand but it's becoming clear to me that the owness is always on you to discover the truth no one can ever tell you to the point you see it. You need to take your rose colour specs off and really find the truth. Then you can be free

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