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To my ex best friend

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

All th things you say from saying i have saggy tits to saying I've amounted to nothing
To u have changed so much you are going to isolate yourself'... 'If you dont like eating with meat eaters, you cant be friends with any of my family and friends' when you discover suffering, like extreme pain in innocent beings, and you yourself have suffered nothing to that extent then why would you want to eat your food and see them eat part of the bodies of innocent creatures. You educated yourself, you saw what happens in those slaughter houses. Those nice diary farms that artificial inseminate female cows to get to there breast you know there gains, you see the bigger picture.. And you know its not healthy so let me tell you if im honest if people are worried about how I've changed i dont want to know people who are fearful of change. Change is what we need no matter how hard. Im so sick of people pointing out thar I've changed. You find out something awful you do change.
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