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Everythings too much.

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

I constantly feel like I've failed. Emotional needs are to high for any one to cope with. Over faced by a every. Fix everything. I can't move past these big things. Like the Impending future of the earth if we carry on this course. I see bleak everything unless I can make some kind of small win.

I feel my small wins i don't feel are big enough. like just making a meal isn't enough just making my oat milk or stop buying plastic. I just feel like my expectations are always met with such a grand fail. I love my kids but they are there own people and I certainly don't take responsibility for them being good or kind or happy or healthy (perhaps the latter) so for me kids isn't a win. Anyone can have children and infact some people dont have them for the right reasons. The day will be a win when there older and happy and productive and there environment is a happy and healthy one.

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