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Fighting my mind

Updated: May 11, 2021

5 ways to fight and win over a negative mindset....

As a dweller, and a realist it can be come a constant contraction of thoughts.

I spent a lot of time giving into the dread, which is indeed what it wants. Negativity is a force but also there is a great deal of truth from people who feel the doom.

To focus on the now, and not dread the future is an almost impossible task for a complex mind. Do you feel the guilt for ignoring the truth? Ignoring the fact that things are screwed up.

I felt a need to fight everyday against the system and yet it felt like it was having no affect, not only that but I became hateful of others seemingly enjoying their lives with almost and in most cases no a care for the world , others or the environment that supports their existence. All the focus on the world and the big things, led to me struggling to complete the small tasks, indeed with all this negativity and anger i forgot the most important thing to me, my family and myself. They needed me to step up to the mark and show them that i won't let all this ruin our precious time together, for nothing is forever. so list encompasses, the way in which i remind myself and also fight to not ignore but to carry on despite others lack of empathy and care.

1. To slow down

Life in its unnatural fast pace, perfectly cut grass lawns for strangers on your estate, a face of makeup everyday, no enjoyment of duvet days, no time to make a soup from scratch and see the beauty of a timely task come to impress even yourself. The one of many privileges of the western world, is that we do have the luxury of time, one day where we could allow our minds to be naturally bored without the constant need for entertainment at the touch of a button. Its all important to switch of and slow down.

2. To be technology and society free

No news, no friends around the world via tecnology or indeed round the county you live, no social media. If you suddenly grab for the phone and then recognise that you even have enabled 'muscle memory' to grab for the phone constantly throughout the day every time there is a spare moment, even regnosing this is the first step but its not enough to improve your postivity. T

rue positivity comes from knowing that all that is extremely unnatural and unhealthy and obviously overwhelming for any healthy mind. What I did and still do is take days, weeks and sometimes even months away from a news that would not get to me in this manner in any bombard by information in normal society. In a healthy world and a harmonious one we would speak to the those physically around us and get true updates on the important things, yes it is a blessing to know about other parts of the world.

Actually what can we put into action from one country to another without physically travelling there is very little using our capital as our vote to a better extended world. Once again if you don't have yourself a healthy mind, the world around you really won't matter anyway. Hide it away if you have to or go in your garden without your phone, spend the day immersed in nature touch the plants and trees, heck its even healthy to wear bare feet outside so as to realign your trueself.

3. Water

Water is one of the most refreshing parts of nature, to be fully immersed in it via, a nature swim, or bath, shower, even the rain, get wet feel the shock on your skin.

spend an hour in the bath till your skin wrinkles.

4. Do something with a true friend.

from a phone call, to a walk, to a cup of tea its no fun when you don't know someone very well and they come round to judge your life and try and improve your situation when they can tell your in a bad place. Instead be with someone who is good fun and a distraction from the noise.

It took me a long time and takes me a long time to figure people out. I still question some of my friendships although that luckily is a thing i do extremely rarely. I've learnt who I can trust and care for. I've learnt who I can laugh with. I have also learnt that I have not been a true friend to myself to my family, or indeed my friends. So if you want a true friend don't just be a shadow in their mind, make sure that you are their constantly and truly and if this is only one person or one or two people. Then its much more important than being there for the whole world. Which believe me is an impossible task.

If you find it hard to be there constantly like I have, then be honest when you are going to (disappear) or indeed explain that sometimes you want to be alone or you having a tough time. I always feel like the one explaining to more people than I can count on two hands that I'm sorry I've not been in touch. Actually the fact that this happens has given me a lot of clarity into my true intentions, have i kept friends around out of fear? have I not enjoyed there company? have they left me feeling negative regularly after phone calls?

5. Vastly focus on your health.

if you in a house, in a bed, off work, late at night where every you are. Be present, if you've spent to long with negative thoughts, ground yourself. touch your hair, be aware of you stomach is it full, have you been bindge eating, or not drinking enough water. Are you so in your head, that you don't have regular sex, or pleasure. Are you so in your head that you dread going outside and immersing with nature. Then so go to a quiet beauty spot, makeup free in nothing special and feel free, nature will never judge you and this will be extremely good for you mental health. Hell even go and see a doctor or get some private tests done on your stomach see if anything in your body be it bad bacteria in your stomach or be it too much food or not enough is this the reason for the dwelling and causing some of your negative mindsets.

A final word;

As someone who's Positive mood and negative mood is extremely interchangeable its often hard not to let the negative spiral out of control and sometimes it can be worse to be manic because it affects the present day everything speeds up and its exhausting!

These are the ways i've learnt one is to actually just give in have a cry (almost a forced cry) have a lay down and feel all the emotions rather than fight them and accept that as you get closer to coming back from a low to forgive yourself. Remember no matter how amazing you think people are or don't think people are, no matter how much you worry. No-one and nothing is forever and theres a beauty in that. Remember everyone empties there bowels, everyone gets sick and everyone gets down and we are extremely connected on a level we are only just starting to understand, even with nature and animals.

Sometime we've just got to let a little light in to win.

fighting my mind. Seems to be my latest goal now as i continue to say the opposite of what i think. In person I find that i'm so out of control my mouth had a mind of its own. Also i feel like when I should be most in control and most comfortable

i said in previous posts that ove found my mind. I found what i feel and think. The world is constantly changing so how can it be true to have decided and be set mind frame.

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