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House.home.real goals



Inner strength and leave. Therapy


Open and clean thinking

Instead of controlling my behaviour instead think a different outlet. Prepare people for outbursts.

Be aware of the trigger. feel the anger recognise it get help or get air!

Teal swan

New friends

Positive about near future



Home ed

Meet ups

Freedom to play and explore the house and toys etc empower our children

Advert up for a cleaner or house helper

Find template on google

Seed doctors for medication

Smkn medication

Listen to more music

Log my everyday thoughts and playlists

Sell all personal possessions

Go through paper work sell table

Talk about loan idea to tom but not tomorrow

Sell polemkn

Go to church

Sell bridesmaid dresses

Sell clothes

Sell jewellery

Do not be sentimental

Possessions do not represent me

Fox old phones

And sell them etc

Sell anything to do with last lr dad

Give to charity carefully

Chose write one

Check this blog run out date for the warning about losing my name finding my mind

Get a graphics designer for blog and personal adverts

Bug studies

Art classes for Elizabeth yoga for Elizabeth karate for Elizabethfan

More fencey

House iteniary on wall

Get tom to photocopy my calendar. Pages good day bad day but more like am pm and late pm

Apply for a volunteer position at the uni

Study bugs?

Study science?

Send the jaan study to the activist

Sell art

The money should be for long term. I.e save to pay of loan 650 -1000

Off 8000 - 7000 reloan. Split 2000 and keep one for floor

Stomach holder

Belly button



Walls shall paint

Sell curtains

Sell pip studio

Thanks the house of pillows

Pay for chocolate

Get out of debt

Curb spending

Don't eat out or visit shops

But vitamin

Buy dishwasher

Tom start company travel or starter or house extension

Tom tattoo gemmma tattoo

Kids classes

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