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Isolation & bitterness

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

In 2017, my best friend died. He was at times, the most enjoyable person to be around, he was funny, full of life. I remember, even though he was the kindest soul I did ever meet, he was also a stubborn creature, he could also isolate himself and he could be bitter. I remember the later traits less so. I say that perhaps I never thought of him as lonely, or incomplete just because he has reached his 60's and he had never been married or had kids. To me he was perfect, the best company, and at time I felt that society isolated him because he wasn't married or had kids. He didn't fit into a box. He joined groups, like sports, charities and community gardening groups. Although he didn't have a lot of close friends, that saw him regularly his funeral was packed and he had I believe been a wonderful soul. Maybe he didn't have a fabulous career, a typical nuclear family, perhaps he didn't go out drinking and smoking, To me he was wise, interesting and the most important thing he was wonderful fun to be around.

If someone did him wrong or let him down, he was no fool he would give them a second chance and be fair, but keep letting him down or messing him around and you would never see him again. For me I've struggled to be this infinite, someone is gone forever, there are times when I wish I could, but I feel like I struggle to think that this is the end of a relationship. Essentially what I mean is that all friendships and ties should try and leave on a positive note.

I have had friends, that haven't messaged back, met up or kept to their word but I still persist with them. Perhaps its because I do this to other people, a lot of people.

But I don't get my my friends don't realise that they are in hiring climate change or that nature is suffering and they aren't making a single change. Still buying fast fashion still getting nasty chemicals in there clothes, fruit shoots you name it! Despite my changes they don't seem bothered. Do I post some environmental campaigns through their?

Then the only Vegan friend I have says climate change is a lie just to gain control. I wish she was right but how can we continue to take from the earth and the earth and nature thrive?? We depend on nature let's not forget that

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