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Lost earth

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Poem / lyrics

Lost I am not,

Everything seems clear to me now,

What I must do. The world is lost,

I've tried to fight every thought imaginable,

We must do what we can now,

With the time we have

We don't know how long,

When or where it will happen

If I write will anyone read these words

Here the crys around me,

Don't be fooled by humanity,

What lies beneath their spirit is dishonesty,

Poison, I've met a rare few that are fighting with every breath to save it,

But this comfortable world we have created is built on the backs of slaves,

Not just human slaves, the souls of animals, the souls of trees.

It the words of Gary yourofsky the land is a slave to us.

A cycle of reaching, grabbing taking, which deems no future where we will stop. Cycling into the abyss

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