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My future and limited career options

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Hence another reason why I would like to retrain as something i want to emigrate. I didn't get to choose the university i went to or what i studied. I was blackmailed in to staying by my dad. When i first told him i didnt like the course he refused to speak to me put the phone down on me. Eventually he mentioned he was paying for some of it so i have to stay. He was so outraged.

Now am am in my thirties I suppose the pressure is on and I want to get it right this time. I've narrowed it down to the following;

Educational councillor

Author/writter/academic writer

(As I've had my blog three years now) (more of a rant/my unfiltered brian and some dark poems

I also got in touch with the ma masters in philosophy research he said i ouod easily get on. Although tom thinks I've had enough of philosophy and friends tell me writing doesn't pay well. 

So then I have 

ot (I'm pretty sure I'm not practical enough or clever enough)

Study in graphics design or web design

Advertising (assistant)


Or broadcast (assistant)

Animals rights activists through art or writing.

I suppose with me moving up north I have to look what I can train as locally. And obviously it won't be straight away perhaps in a few years when I get settled. I just want to start really thinking about what I want to do! If it's not too late! 

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