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Race to save the planet

I try not to think about it as a race, as there are so many people far from change, instead. However, I will always feel this dread for my children's future. I am continually to try and ignore my worries.

control what I can.

Finding a vegan eco-community nearby has been challenging. Just people that are also seeing the big problem ahead and act. Perhaps then I could have some more enjoyable times.

Recently I've been buying for someone weekly eco presents hoping that so would click, sending lists of places to get alternatives. Today that person bought tons and tons of plastic covered sweets I wasn't there to say no, similarly last week I got more plastic toys. It feels like I've failed to even get them to understand that I don't want just stuff. I've been talking about zero waste for two years now and it doesn't seem to be understood. Maybe a remote island would be looking good, or that campervan we've talked about for years. I think then people would see I don't like a lot of stuff around me I get claustrophobic. I like things a lot more simplistic.

Another family membe recently shout 'I don't care about plastic' it's sad to see that if everyone changed and stopped funding these industries or lived a slower less vain life than it would be a lot easier to clean up the mess we have already made. It's so hard as plastic is essentially forever 1000 years and then it still exists in micro then nano... It's hard to see these giants rise and rise with no end and then think about just the difference it will make to our seas and environment in a few years adding more pollution and using more resources and oil reserves for plastic. It's even a challenge for me to stop people buying none vegan plastic products for, I remember saying no I don't need of it's tested on animals. Then I received some in the post a few days later. When I rang and reminded the person I said no, I got told to shut up just use it, put your plastic-free stuff aside. The point is perhaps this need to live my life on my terms extends to how I feel for the environment. I continuously feel no change and powerless, I don't see much difference around me, and it makes me feel even more worried.

I am blogging again about my concerns. I feel a bit of doom and gloom when I see Greta as I already carry an intense and heavy heart about the future. I remember feeling something similar in my 2nd uni year after doing French philosophy and the 'black hole'. I came out of it, but it was there for a while. I have always been quite serious and deep, not qualities one looks for in a company.

Now, this is different though, having worries for children is somewhat more heartbreaking than any concern for your self. I think of my little boy and my daughter and how innocent they are and how good. They would have no problem asking why are people dumping all their waste, killing a ridiculous amount of animals for food. As an adult I lack their bravery, now I feel like I can't even approach any subject with anyone. That shut up and be pleasant is in us all. Especially the British, polite, small talk rules that are in our culture (I remember feeling much more at home in my Chinese uni with people in my class from all over the world)

Bizarrely I had parents who knew better and still know better and that we had to respect and do as we were told. Yet they said buying plastic free peppers we're far to expensive and for them, and in answer to (us being) vegan we need animals for the environment. Yet I didn't reply it's supply and demand, and the difference between breeding so intensely and slowing down the need for so much death. Animals don't have much of a gap between being pregnant again. The large cow you see in the field is max 2 and the chicken on your plate is under a year. Lamb isn't lamb unless it's under 1/year so usually 3/months to 6/months. Your eating babies. And diary cows live the longest 5 to 7 years after they've been pregnant all there life and pumped full of milk till there back is miss shapen.

The last 50 years has been the most damage to the planet according to David Attenborough not to point any fingers but this going along with everything approach, caring what people think above our thoughts has not been working so far.

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