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Why I believe teachers make bad parents and role models in society.

Updated: May 12, 2021

So I got your attention. Having been raised part time (by part time I mean they had shared custody over me from the age of 6) by a male maths and a female english secondary school teacher's and my mother being an assistant for special needs primary school. I've always felt that I wanted to discuss my viewpoints and analyse the behaviours of teachers and the negative impact of uk schools are having on individuals and society as a whole. In many ways I needed to step away from the situation first and heal from the damage that school and teachers (mostly being my parents) had done to me, before I could get a real grasp on the bigger issues.

I feel its wrong even to introduce and to point out my background on the topic before starting the blog, even more shows the how the psychology of those around me has always been to prove everything, well indeed whilst I am now aware that I don't need to prove that my thoughts and opinions are valid, I do like to be objective and explain why I do have a great and extremely accurate insight to the psychology behind 'teaching in the uk'.

I was raised by teachers as this is not what in fact makes me a positive contributor to the topic or an impartial researcher on the topic as I have met many others raised by teachers and have had a much healthier mindset but are still 'driven' to prove their achievements instead , instead to get that out of the way at the start and be aware that this can have a lack of objectivity isn't to mean that the bias its self isn't ridden with some truth. Indeed this is why this is a blog and a viewpoint discussion rather than an academic research paper on the sociology and psychology of teachers and parenting. That it is not, it is merely my attempt to allow myself and others to question parents and teachers because I can tell you one of the most enlightening things about doing so is to realise that to question these people in our lives has often been seen as a disrespectful action when indeed we are allowed to question everything our life and we are able to be as free thinking as well like.

A side note (My mothers career as an assistant teacher) was seen largely as a failure by the other half raising me for indeed she had the potential to do much more, considering her psychology degree was of a better grade then both their first degrees and yet now most teachers look down on her because of the hierarchy of the working world although it does not to any one with a rational mind mean that she has failed as a whole person.

Its hard but not impossible for me to not show some bias on the topic of parenting and being raised by teachers. Although I would like to analyse the potential and very real character flaws I've seen in many teachers around the uk and I've had a few close relationships with many teachers not just parents but their friends and also their children who had similar confidence issues to me after being raised by how can I put it much less toxic parents but a similar view point being that there is a set way to be happy, a set way to look proper and that some differences should be excluded if not completely expelled from society.

This is not just stereotypical of teachers attributes and similarities this goes on having researched the current uk curriculum and ofsteads critical anaylse of what makes a school a 'good' school so it shows that there is not just this small minority of teachers that are taught to teach in a toxic way, but also this is unfortunately a massive issue in society where it is honourable to be patronising and assume that intelligence should and can be measured from a young age.

To discuss the commonly displayed set of toxic behaviour's this career can encourage, one is to be unaware that they are regularly displaying these characteristics.

Now to get a teacher raised by teachers is a potential for all sorts of arrogant and closed minded behaviours.

Unfortunately today I only have time to discuss, being raised by teachers and the negative role models that teachers become in society, or should I say can become and also how being raised my teachers gave me a very real insight to not just their parenting as teachers but their friends and families that are also teachers in the uk mainstream and private education sector.

First to understand why someone becomes a teacher is good to understand, have they had a lot of careers before this? Have they thought; I want to share my knowledge with not just one room full of 'children', but give all my insight to many many different children, as if I know the meaning of life and know my subject well even if my subject is 'teaching' how this is a subject I will never know and indeed I can judge many situations including when to share my knowledge with people who didn't ask to be in this class and have very very little input into the curriculum or what they learn.

Well mix the two parents who are also teachers and you really do get some very arrogant features or do you always?

One in which didn't become a teach until 40 and the other went into teacher not for his love of kids but because of he was unsure of what to do.

I suppose the ego you get as a teacher is that similar to a pychologist/ psychiatrist. The idea that you know people, and know what needs to be done in order to fulfil an adequate existance.

Often makes these types of careers, create a character that embodies the judge, jury and executioner stereotype of an egotistical, know it all. A multitude of teachers accept what they are taught, without looking deeper into the reasons why they are taught this way. Essentially its particularly hard for someone who is a teacher in mainstream education to see outside the box.

When you look into the science of the brain and indeed what makes the brain flourish and society flourish it isn't actually what we are taught from a young age, and no most actual science is not disprovable, some science is 100 per cent and thats the beauty of science its the most clear cut information. Its surprising that a teacher thinks they are able to disprove science when they haven't been taught research or science to that level. Indeed they is science that should be or has been put out into the world of academia and then had to be retracted but that is another story. Pychology though is not a hundred per cent science and that is what we are insisting is the case with

Been forced to learn and without the power of a child's voice been in sight, its hard to actually let them have the freedom they need to really learn. For there seems to be a lot of myths revolving around education.


'they need to be in school to; socialise, learn'

' school is the best place for a child'

' teaching in this way and at this level is the 'only' way they will learn what they need .

The god complex is something that nearly all these types of careers promote (not exclusive to but inclusive of some);



Doctors (especially tv doctors)


Published writers

Social media influencers



some photographers

I strongly believe that these titles and 'careers' divide society in a way that is invisible to most unchallenged minds. I believe these roles, levels, can divide and split society in a way that is almost harmful, if you can label yourself in one of these roles or jobs, you are indeed socially accepted in many circles... but not all.

For example, if your dad was a builder or electrician ... theres again this assumption that this defines your intelligence level and status even though you are a fresh new face and mind.

For example, its not what is said that is what matters in this sentence but the tones and relevance of the conversation.

e.g. My friend was accountant but he valued that his brother 'was' extremely clever despite the fact he turned down certain opportunities in life and now he paints and gardens.

Indeed if society pushes you one way and you have the strength to go another, this confidence that your education does not define your intelligence or future is more of a badge of honour than any who name drops the university they have been to, or indeed when introducing friends or themselves name what they did or do.

The traditional and often damaging path that society puts us on from an incredibly young age is, a system and institutionalised laid out typical way of life.

soon you can see again that, you are separated and forced away from the people you love and you are seen as a time burden. For many of the parents who choose to stay at home are indeed pidgin holed as 'stay at home parents' by society and its often hard to remove that label.

'of course your friends have good careers, you went to university they are at your level, you draw people in who are of a certain intelligence level'

comments by teacher parents, if I made a none university friend, it would be time to move on. Their class, money orientated, focus was obvious for many years.

'no you cannot even consider a career as a hairdresser, you won't earn enough'

'what will you become a fake tan obsessive, hairdresser from blackpool'

I remember that the 'testing' started from a young age, who's this singing. credit was taken for my music tastes. Basically i was just a product of my parents. It was obvious from the start that i wasn't seen in a equal or indeed human, animal way, I was seen as proof that they were relevant. If i achieved anything good of course the ownership was theirs, and indeed likewise if I did anything bad or felt well how to put it expressed and showed the unlikable damaged parts of my self, they would not take any credit for this no, this was on me and I had to be away from them so they could make me stand on my own two feet to deal with the damage they had inflicted on me.

For I won't say teachers are not intelligent and indeed if this is all the hope to achieve in life, intelligence and a decent capital then they have won. I can honestly say that this is not what I value, I value how they see and treat others, indeed its often despicable the way their god complex would look down on people who didn't do it their way. The arrogance that they have omnient (all knowing) powers like a god, meant after their teacher degree they were unable to learn anything know, or open there minds to learn something that they didn't stick on their own plate to learn. They were truly cut off from anything that didn't sit well with them, unable to challenge their own beliefs because when it suited they knew everything. They where so high up their on the scale of humans, that if someone beneath them offered an alternative view it was instantaneously deemed as 'wrong' because its not what you are telling me, its because it is 'who' that it is telling me. Once your in that mind frame, i've seen retired teachers, retired deviations, turning their nose up at science that they haven't seen or read, they close there ears to new information, not based on logic or fact, because again its the person telling them, they can choose to put on the god complex whenever they don't like their ideas to be challenged.

influencers promote. Nearly everyone who is aimed at improving your life or business. Its too much. Not everyone can hit the jackpot quit their day job... I just sound extremely negative.

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