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The environment vs everything 

I've tried writing this post a few times. Mentally and physically. I do not seem to get on with technology as ditto. Wix has changed all its layouts and blogs. As I wrote a blog two minutes ago with the wrong click of a button everything was gone.

Similarly to life. The press of a trigger. The button that drops the bomb. The photo that captures a thousand words. The mistakes. The waste. The hate we put out into the world. But that all needs to change.

When we drink a glass of cows breast milk it is normal in society. As we know if we buy things we keep the need for things things to happen. The first thing that happened when I grew enivomentally aware. I realised the fact that baby's are born too keep the flow of milk going for society. I soon researched into dairy calves. Not just the vile pictures but the satisitcs. Thousands of babies die every year for dairy. So I said this to my vegetarian friends she said what the difference they would go for meat anyway. The difference is this. I repeat for a drink of milk or yogurt a cow is made pregnant to be precise in 7 years between 6 and 10 calves are born. The cows are artificially inseminated to keep them in a pregnant state. So I say again to my mother in law. This happens she deneys it happens to all cows. However like the facts are the facts all dairy cows are kept pregnant and need to have had babies to produce milk the satisitcs are there. What happens next is that we have a huge amount of calves left surplus they are to week from the lack of nurturing to go to live for 2 more years to be killed at 22 kg for beef this takes around 2 years. This doesn't happen for most calves it's a fact.

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