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Things that will actually make a difference to our lives

Emmanuel Levins, I've noticed in this world how we can't help people when we are helpless. The people who have the most don't appear to help enough. The power in there world seems strangely distributed. I never really know how any one now in a planet of seven billion can influence anyone at all. What I want is a greener planet, a fairer planet. All this time is running out we my have 3 to ten years to stop drilling etc and polluting or the ultimate disaster will start happening. Life on this planet will have been a waste, our time on this planet will have been a waste if we damage it more than what we have given to it. Someone said to me what is the point in slugs. Well I think overall they to less ahrm then us. In fact the harm we do is probably ten thousand times worse than a slug. In the last.... FiftyYear's we have..done this this. Every year we dump ten thousand tons in the oceans .

For long enough I've wanted to say to the government do more for the environment. I remember writing to my local mp and getting a bs letter of what the government plan to tick box in there eventual plans for change. He called it the green industrial revolution. What he means is switching money to green. Eventually making a little bit of change hear and there. The hs2 is terrible in my opinion using the planet which is already in a fragile state using it's resources kike metals and materials and then chopping down trees driving it through green land which is already scares to do what ah so it's to make travel quicker? What will this do encourage less cars? Trains are already expensive the cost of a year train pass is far more than that of running a car pressing you already own the car.

often we say that we cannot love the neighbour until we love thy self.

For along time I've been worrying about the planet my children future. Yet. I do not feel in my current pleasant situation I am happy not happy with myself. I am not confident, not satisfied with myself still after all these years. I have these that make me look secure, on paper. However the fact I have such large stumbling blocks. I struggle with day to day tasks. I can't clear my head. I can't be honest with the people around me ( neighbours and friends) more to the point I'm not satisfied with my parenting and my earnings, and if I have a relatively safe life and I still don't feel happy or empowered or confident then what where to happen if I was homeless, or a natural disaster occurred, or I lost someone close. If my cosy life knocks me of clilter than I am no way prepared to fight for a. Better future. Nor am I true to myself and strong in my body or soul.

For any one else. Female/male this would be simple. Get a job... Well their is the confidence issues. I would most likely under charge if I was self employed feeling as if I was not worth the price etc. Then I feel like some jobs actually disempower women. Make you feel like you are in a factory line another co turning. Or some make you feel unimportant as your real goal was indeed to go to uni and become a real career girl so instead you talk the talk at work, you make yourself feel important tick those goals big house kids husband. Actually it's not what you wanted all along.

It's hard for me as I've never known exactly what I want. And even more so as 30 odd year old I spent my late twenties bitter about my career and study opportunities blaming my parents for forcing me to stay at uni. I say forcing me, I'd more say manipulating me. The whole, your being stupid. Mention that your paying towards it kind of control. Give it longer. In fact. It doesn't matter where you are now if you don't make your own choices you'll forever wonder. Was it because of them. What would have happened what would I have choose if I had the freedom? After all I was eighteen I had my whole life ahead of me, to be forced to stay on a three year journey I wasn't enjoying just because of my parents fears id end up in a bar. Eventually, I did end up in a bar but worse I didn't have the confidence... I'd been wondering if only if I got to study what I wanted. Where would I be now?

Anyway it seems once again technology is against me. It won't even let me publish this. It perhaps realised that I ranted and went off-topic.

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