• gca037

Time and the beetle

I often look at the beetle that flys in threw the window, he landed on a square of cotton, he wanders blinding to him the threads are small hills he must go up and down. He knows not where he is. And yet he doesn't stop, he carries on blindly almost as if hes programmed to keep going. Much like humanity unable to see past our square of cotton, we only see whats around us and infront of us, without being to contemplate the bigger picture. We cannot stay on our square anymore we must look past our temporary pains, or temporary gains. We must see from sky high, what our roles are and how we all fit together like jigsaws of the world each action is our responsibility, from the waste we create to the impact we have on the planet. If schools and government were working we wouldnt have scenes that are seen in factory farms like horror films. We wouldnt have hospitals in the world bombed 6 times by our own creations. We must see past our cotton square

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