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When I used to wake up

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

I used to wake up and not feel this dread. I used to wake up and just feel normal, depressed, but normal. These days I feel like John Wyndham is telling my story. It all started that night, and then it all changed. I almost feel like I'm cursed to feel the pains of the future. People are still asleep. Well at least they are sleep walking through the present.

The world is in danger as much as we choose to ignore it, the signs are all ready their. People don't see the dying whales, birds and deer and wonder why. Should it be that animals die and we arnt worried that we haven't directly killed them or in fact they haven't died of old age. When they have bellies full of plastic.

there are alot of people on this planet so the environmental science message and climate change concepts are hard to spread. Also the message that many have tried to spread, greta thumburg, harvard University medical school, the national geographic. We are bringing our self's close to extinction. If small amounts of plastic are killing mass amounts of birds and wildlife it can kill us too. Last year 2019 they found that across 4 or 5 different areas of the world every single human had microplastic in there poo.

My lodger said so what (with regards to plastic) everything is dangerous, what materials are there? For hundreds of years we used ceramics, glass and yet in the 1950s it started to get mass produced, problem is we didn't know at the time what we where doing. Anyone remember radium.

Plastic can pass through the umbilical cord from mother to baby in whale studies (nano plastics) You might ask why this is a problem for us? Plastic breaks down into microplastic, it's in rain water, air and wind most ends up just passing through us. However we incinerate our rubbish here and also landfills. Problem is that plastic and microplastics do not dissappear. They break down again. Into nano plastic. When you see some litter on the floor in a puddle it's easier to illustrate, so we know that land water evaporates and becomes rain. If you have microplastics leaking into the puddle from litter, then it breaks down further into nano plastics. Nano plastics are all around us too, the problem is they are made of chemicals. Unlike like other materials, that don't leak and are more natural and Hardy like glass or in fact no packaging at all would be ideal. Nano plastics have only been examined in marine life, birds and land mammals so far, however seen as we all came from marine life and we are 70 per cent water and drinking water is scare as it is. The problem is as a species we see our selves as separate, above the cycle of life. We arnt unfortunately above nature and we are apart of it and that cycle is dying.

There is a mass amount of unnatural insemination, breeding of livestock, to the point where we have deforestation and more cows on the planet ten fold then humans. People still don't research the fact that 80 percent of the world soya and we are taking cheap nasty soya goes to feed stock leaving between 10 and 20 percent to humans in products like chocolate, edamne peas, tofu, soya sauce various other things. I also have seen that on defra 100 thousand tons are imported a month of soya livestock feed. As well as palm kernels go in livestock feed.

Humans can survive deforestation, but back to plastic. We keep buying it and theres no excuse people do and always have loved plastic free lives. I'm currently down to, not buying plastic but I'm getting ose to getting rid of plastic in the clothes and bedding etc. But obviously in our houses the glues, light switches etc. The people however that buy it are most at risk, as we know it leaches in to bottles, fruit etc. We cant escape eating it as the rain water and the soil has it in. In july this year bbc reported there was microplastic in all fruit and veg now.

The big issues, marine life. Plastic is blocking the gut wall so that birds are starving. As humans we say no problem we don't eat large amounts most of it passes through. However as discovered for the first time in 2019 it is everywhere and in every one. It becomes nano plastics that here we go. They can pass through the membrane of the brain and other organs. This is the scary part. It's making marine life particularly whales infertile. After numerous tests on animals we know that it can cause many problems in the brain. So we say we cannot live without plastic but we must. There is enough in our bodies already. The more we make the more micor and nano plastics we make. The factorys we buy from are very toxic, many people die from working in plastic factorys it causes respitory issues etc. However we risk our children and grandchildren, in fact it's starting to look a bit inevitable. We are poisoning ourselves but worse when you look at children and animals they are so much different than us they don't have a choice. So imagine them seeing the future. It's scary, terrifying even so please if your reading this. Let's not poison our oceans they already have enough plastic in them. Let's not further contaminate the tap water. Let's say no to breathing in any more plastic in the wind. Let's say no to waste and rubbish. We have all Contibuted to the death of many birds and animals and landfills we need to get ourselves on the right side of history.

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